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Picasso Ponderings


“I paint the way some people write their autobiography. The paintings, finished or not, are the pages from my diary, and as such, they are valid. The future will choose the pages it prefers. It’s not for me to make the choice.”

-Pablo Picasso (c. 1946)

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Bring on the Blockbuster

Came across this preview in The Stranger for the upcoming Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum…


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Troika, a UK design company, recently installed this kinetic sign for the Victoria and Albert Museum. Walking through the South Kensington tube station, you can’t fail to miss it or your turn off into the museum itself. The sign is playfully named “Palindrome.” Check it out…

Troika_Palindrome from Troika on Vimeo.

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Change Your Perspective


Interior of the Palais des Beaux Arts in Lille, France by Belgian artist/photographer Ben Heine.

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Where the Wild Things Are


A shot from my weekend trip to the Charleston Museum. It’s a whale skeleton I think?

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Andrew Wyeth Is Not That Bad…

“There’s nothing like the isolating bleakness of long-term joblessness to make people finally appreciate Andrew Wyeth.”

– Samantha Park, a fictional Feed-Drier Tender in The Onion. Funny segment, check it out here.

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Off the Pedestal

Art: Take it off its marble pedestal and show it as a daily companion, refreshing, human and rich: witness of its time and prophet of times to come.

– John de Menil, art collector and businessman

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Be Mine


A little Valentine’s Day treat from Warren Thomas King: conversation hearts for the art world. Make sure to swing by King’s site to see more.

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For Starters…

Museums should “begin with people first…”

– Arthur C. Parker, founding director, Rochester Museum of Arts and Sciences

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Photo of the Week: Elephants March!


The elephants in the Stanley Field Hall at the Field Museum of Natural History.

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