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Cover of Ben Gijsemans' graphic novel Hubert.

Cover of Ben Gijsemans’ graphic novel Hubert.

“Hubert lives alone in a flat in Belgium and watches his neighbors through the windows. He spends his days at an art museum, rarely interacting with others…” A little blurb in The Paris Review led me to this graphic novel about loneliness, love, and art.

All hail Gertrude Abercrombie, Queen of the Bohemians!

Speaking of forgotten artists, how about the women of the Bauhaus. Oh, and Fanny Mendelssohn too.

Just what you always needed: Hieronymus Bosch figurines.

A look at Philly’s new Museum of the American Revolution. And here too.

The age-old museum gift shop conundrum: when your best-sellers are embarassingly low-brow and barely relate to your mission.

Will that be cash, credit, or blood? New ways to pay at the museum.

Helpful visitor experience data or privacy invasion? On museums tracking visitors through the Wifi.

These scientists are trying to capture the essence of history through smell.