A Postal Post


So, still seething from the information that my rent check got lost in the mail (I mean, come on, I even paid it early!), I popped into the Charleston Post Office to pick up a change of address form. The wonderfully pleasant man behind the counter did quite a bit to put me back in a good mood, but what really turned my frown upside down was the unexpected surprise of a postal history museum.

Complete with diorama and artifacts of postal service days past, this little gem of a museum was well worth the trip. Here you can learn about a brief history of the P.O. Box (apparently “pigeonholes” were being used as early as 1800) and look upon some Confederate letters and stamps.

Upon leaving the historic post office on Broad Street, I couldn’t help but echoing the exclamation of the individual who wrote in the museum’s guest book: “Hurrah for the Postal Service!”

Here are a few images…





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