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Holiday Gift Guide Part II


This holiday season, consider giving the gift of adoption. We’re not talking puppies or babies here, but rather artifacts. Adopting a museum artifact is kind of like naming a star for someone or purchasing a portion of the rainforest for your eco-conscious sister, only better. I mean, how often will they get to see their star or actually visit that plot of vegetation?

Here are some museums offering Adopt-An-Artifact Programs…

Chicago History Museum

The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

NC Museum of History

Penn Museum

Nanaimo Museum

Friends of the Queen Anne’s Revenge

And for next year: The Galt Museum (their annual Adopt-an-Artifact fundraiser ended on November 30th)

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1st Annual Holiday Gift Guide


Well, the holidays are upon us. If my local grocery store and mall had their way, the holiday season would start somewhere around early October, but I think December 1st is a much more reasonable starting point. That being said, I would like to announce the first annual Museumist Holiday Gift Guide. Over the next 25 days, we will be posting some gift ideas for the museum-lover among your family or friends.

To kick things off, today’s theme is…

Art Crime

Heist films, capers real and fake, organized crime, and detectives well-versed in Vermeer or Malevich. If these sound like the interests of someone on your list, check out the gift ideas below.

Art and Crime: Exploring the Dark Side of the Art World The author, Noah Charney, is a member of the Association for Research Into Crimes Against Art. This book explores the question:  how does crime affect the global business that is the art world?

The Art Thief: A Novel Charney tackles a fictional and complicated web of art crime. Warning: few of the characters are very likable individuals.

Museum of the Missing: The High Stakes of Art Crime Art thieves and the detectives who love them, or, rather, love to catch them.

The Irish Game: A True Story of Crime and Art One thing learned from this book: Russborough House could use some better security.

The Gardner Heist: The True Story of the World’s Largest Unsolved Art Theft Some of the world’s finest paintings were stolen in 1990. They’re still missing today.

The Thomas Crown Affair Easily one of my top-5 favorite films. A sexy, sleek movie about art, theft, and trust issues.

Topkapi Peter Ustinov won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in this Istanbul-based heist film.

How to Steal a Million Forgery is a family affair in this rom-com heist film.

The Hot Rock Robert Redford, a botched (well, several botched) jewel thefts, a museum, and “Afghanistan banana stand” … what’s not to like?

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