What I’m Reading

Photo by Starzyia via Flickr.

1. This past week, Anna Dhody, Curator at Philadelphia’s Mutter Museum, did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. Do you think this will catch on as a means of museum interaction? What question would you have asked?

2. Who’s watching who at the zoo? Who’s really on exhibit? Decide for yourself in this interesting, and brief, Dutch documentary filmed at an Amsterdam zoo in 1961.

3. Ah, and age-old question…Is Balthus the Crazy Cat Lady of of Modern Art?

4. As someone significantly more impressed with the outside of this church than the interior, I found this article a worthwhile exploration of whether or not Sagrada Familia should ever be completed.

5. Two stories came to my attention about loaning art to individuals and/or schools. The first: Britain launches a two-week experiment in art education by hanging an original masterwork in schools for a day. Second: Pittsburghians can now borrow art from the local library thanks to the Carnegie International and Transformazium.

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