Giveaway Winners Announced!

Photo by Princess Theater via Flickr.

First off, thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. It was great to read your comments. Not only were they a peek at some wide-ranging artistic styles, but they also addressed the many reasons that people love art.

Now for the bad news. There can only be three winners. And they are…

1. Meg. Flemish Primitives for the win indeed!

2. Stacy Ryan. Mannerism and the rise of Kate Moss was a great comparison.

3. Denise. Though unable to pinpoint just one movement—tsk, tsk—she did reflect on how the way we feel about art changes as we change.

So, congratulations to the winners, I will be emailing you for further details about sending the book to you. As for the rest of Museumist readers, stay tuned, we’ll hopefully be offering up some more giveaways in the near future.


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