Museum March Madness

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It’s March. The time of year for binge drinking in Cancun, unseasonably warm days when skin that hasn’t seen the sun for several months is blindingly revealed to the world, and even the moon is acting a little wonky*. (*It’s almost in perigee and looks larger than usual, just check out the photo above). Essentially it’s a month of crazy behavior, where the coming of Spring whips everyone into a frenzy, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the annual NCAA College Basketball Tournament affectionately known as “March Madness.”

Chances are you know someone currently in the throws of Bracketology, mourning the unexpected win of Morehead State over Louisville or telling anyone who will listen that Kansas has what it takes to win the whole thing this year. Chances are equally high that you or an acquaintance just isn’t into this whole basketball thing. But fear not, there is common ground for sports lovers and for those who didn’t know that San Diego State had a basketball team, and that place is the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

The National Constitution Center is currently offering up a competition soaked in well over 200 years of history (take that NCAA!), and they want everyone to take part.

The Tournament of Presidents is a distinguished pool of 32 of America’s most revered Commanders in Chief vying for the title of Most Popular President of the United States.

Will we have a final matchup of George Washington vs. FDR? Or will dark horse Woodrow Wilson go deep in this tournament? With early round contests against Polk, Hayes, and Garfield, Lincoln has an easy route to the Elite Eight, and some think Reagan has the sentimental vote to make a name for himself. If you feel strongly for William Henry Harrison, sorry, he’s not in the running this year. But, Chester Arthur fans should head to the National Constitution Center’s blog to fill out a bracket of their own.

May the best president win.

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