Random Exhibition Title Generator

Stumbled across this Random Exhibition Title Generator on Coudal this morning.

It made me try and imagine what would be in these exhibits.

For instance, In Search of Illusion: The Disjunction of Dysfunction…is this an exhibit about magicians? Or perhaps it’s a photography show?

Or how about Postcolonial Banality: A Retrospective of the System? A look at how postcolonial societies struggled to find their own identity, or an interior design show?

And when Archaeological History: Figuring the Avant Garde came up, I was at a loss. Is there such a thing and avant garde archaeology?

So, you tell us, what would we find in an exhibit titled Decadent Properties: Defying Too Many Dinner Parties?

4 Responses to “Random Exhibition Title Generator”

  1. Ralph Slatton on May 14th, 2012

    I’ve been crunching ideas for a curated show, and needed a little help. I decided to try an random generator that gave me some valid hits. It is amazing how these title generations seem to work. You could almost swear that they take into account the type of show that you are considering. However, it does draw into question how irrelevant exhibition titles must be if they are so easily matched with random words.

  2. Susanna Waddell on September 26th, 2012

    A new exhibit for our non-profit org. will feature small works by many artists. I am looking for a catchy title.

  3. Samuel Banks on February 10th, 2015

    Catchy title for an exhibit for a private African American school (1902-1948) and its continuing legacy through the alumni association’s scholarship program.


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