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I’m A Museum Person: Karine Huys

My Name is Karine Huys, and I’m A Museum Person

Tell us a little about yourself.

I currently work as the Coordinator of Volunteer Services at the Indiana State Museum. I have an MPA in Nonprofit Management and an MA in Museum Studies. I love museums and most of my vacationing is centered around museums and exhibits. Science museums are my first choice, but there is very little that I would turn down.

Photo by Paul J Everett via Flickr.

Photo by Paul J Everett via Flickr.

Why do museums matter to you?

The Internet has brought the world to our backdoors, but it’s flat on a screen. Only in a museum can you stand before an articulated dinosaur skeleton and realize the real size. Only in a museum can you stand in front of the Mona Lisa and see the brushstrokes and crackles in the paint with your own eyes (if there are any).

What is your favorite museum memory?

I was tied between 3 so in no particular order the winners are: 1)  the first time I saw “Titanic: the Artifact Exhibition” the case with the perfume vials in it had 3 holes cut in the top and you could stand there and smell the perfume some 90ish years later and up from the sea floor  2) the turning of the page of the Audubon “The Birds of America” book in the library at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.  If I lived in Philly I would go there every Friday afternoon and watch.  3) Walking up to the entrance of “Science Storms” at the Museum of Science and Industry the first time.  That exhibit is awe-inspiring, over-whelming and mind-blowing, I never wanted to leave!

Photo by Boston Public Library via Flickr.

Photo by Boston Public Library via Flickr.

What museum would you love to visit?

The Baseball Hall of Fame.

Photo by ewen and donabel via Flickr.

Photo by ewen and donabel via Flickr.

What is your dream museum job?

My dream museum job would be at the Field Museum in Chicago – nothing in particular, I’d probably take janitor!

When you think of the perfect exhibit, what is in it?

Sensory experiences beyond just the visual.

Who is the funnier museum twitterer…@SUEtheTrex or @NatHistoryWhale?

I’ll have to go with Sue, cause I love dinosaurs!

What is the most random item you have bought from a museum gift shop?

A card that says “I love you more than dinosaur bones.”

To test your museum knowledge…put these museums in order from earliest founded to most recently created: The Smithsonian, The British Museum, The Rijksmuseum, The Louvre, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Don’t worry if you don’t know…just make a guess!

Here goes my best guess!

  • The Rijksmuseum
  • The Louvre
  • The British Museum
  • The Smithsonian
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You may have heard of the Month at the Museum contest recently held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. What museum would you move into for a month if you could?

I would have loved to be at MSI! But I am originally from the Chicago area, so I’m biased.


Thanks to Karine for sharing her experience. If you’re interested in participating in the “I’m A Museum Person” series, send us an email at editor@museumist.com, and we’ll get your story up on the site.

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