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I’m A Museum Person: Exercise Eleven

Museumist is happy to present our latest series…

I’m A Museum Person

…a brief look at the people that make museums tick. Whether they are museum professionals behind the scenes or simply fans of the thousands of museums around the world, we wanted to know more about them, and we think you will too.


My name is Exercise Eleven, and I’m a Museum Person

Tell us a little about yourself.

I studied art history at university and I write an art blog focusing on modern and contemporary art. My specialty is Asian art, but I’ll write about anything interesting that comes across my desk.

Photo by Milton CJ via Flickr.

Photo by Milton CJ via Flickr.

Why do museums matter to you?

Museums have been quite controversial throughout various stages of art history, huh? I love them because they create a central place to view objects that would otherwise been hidden away.

What is your favorite museum memory?

Visiting the Tate Modern for the first time… It was the first museum I visited in London and it has works from many of my favorite artists. At one point I had to sit down on a bench (in front of the Monet) and pause just to drink in everything that was around me.

What museum would you love to visit?

The Centre Pompidou. It’s a work of art all on it’s own!

Photo by philh via Flickr.

Photo by philh via Flickr.

What is your dream museum job?

I think being the head of Education or Programming would be brilliant. I enjoy coordinating activities and events. The art informs the programming, and the programming informs the visitors.

Photo by my_new_wintercoat via Flickr.

Photo by my_new_wintercoat via Flickr.

When you think of the perfect exhibit, what is in it?

You ask tough questions… The medium of the art isn’t important as long as the content is good, so my answer is: good content, good wine, and good people.

Who is the funnier museum twitterer…@SUEtheTrex or @NatHistoryWhale?


What is the most random item you have bought from a museum gift shop?

Ah, I’m so boring! I mostly buy books. I bought one of those ceramic mugs that looks like a takeaway coffee cup once.

Photo by Dewayne Neeley via Flickr.

Photo by Dewayne Neeley via Flickr.

To test your museum knowledge…put these museums in order from earliest founded to most recently created: The Smithsonian, The British Museum, The Rijksmuseum, The Louvre, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Don’t worry if you don’t know…just make a guess!

The British Museum, The Louvre, The Rijksmuseum, The Smithsonian, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You may have heard of the Month at the Museum contest recently held at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. What museum would you move into for a month if you could?

Is there a “Museum of Soft Beds and Good Food”? If not, I’ll pick the Louvre. It’s quite cozy in there.


Thanks to Exercise Eleven for sharing their experience. If you’re interested in participating in the “I’m A Museum Person” series, send us an email at editor@museumist.com, and we’ll get your story up on the site.

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