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There has been looting at Egypt’s Cairo Museum. I don’t care who is responsible for it, just stop. It’s wrong. On a related note, one author thinks the situation in Egypt is perfect example of why Zahi Hawass’ cries for repatriation don’t hold water.

The New York Times covers both sides of the pond, taking a peek at 100 Years of British Sculpture and checking out Tampa Bay’s revamped Dali Museum.

The Guardian found Lisbon’s burgeoning street art scene noteworthy.

Can you name the famous Van Gogh painting from these pie-chart color palates? Via Flavorwire.

Familiar with the Kentucky art scene? No? Well, now you can be.

Loving the Google Art Project.

The LA Times says the ball is Clough’s court after special Smithsonian Regents session.

Hmm. Montreal’s Museum of Possibilities.

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