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A Museum Lover’s Gift Guide: Magazines


Here are 5 glossy-paged publications to satisfy any museum fix…

1. Smithsonian Magazine. The granddaddy of them all, I’ve never not read one cover to cover. Plus, the ads in the back for large button cell phones are pretty hilarious.

2. Paper Monument: A Journal of Contemporary Art. There have only been three issues so far, but with articles like “How to Behave in an Art Museum,” “The Empire of Conversation,” and “Did Anyone Understand Chinese Art?” this is a publication worth adding to the pile on your coffee table.

3. Museums Journal. First published in 1901, this monthly offering from the Museum Association tackles it all: museum ethics, exhibits, profiles, book reviews, work practices, and more.

4. National Geographic. Whether it is the yellow borders on the cover that never fade, the stunning photographs, or the incredibly well-written articles, this magazine is consistently good. It’s always nice to enjoy yourself when learning new things.

5. Monocle Magazine. Not specifically about museums, but this British magazine covers art, design, politics, fashion, curation, international affairs, quality of life, and on and on. Sort of like a more artistic Economist.

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