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The 2nd Annual Museumist Gift Guide and Museum Holiday Roundup


That’s right, it’s the Holiday Season, and we’re ready to celebrate. Over the next month, we’ll be featuring gift ideas for the museum lover on your list as well as glimpses at how museums around the world ring in the holidays.

Growing up in Chicago, nothing seemed to signify that Christmas was on its way more than the wreathing of the lions at the Art Institute. The proud lion statues just look so smashing in their snow-dusted winter finery. Typically, the neck decoration of choice has been your run-of-the-mill green wreath with red bow, however, in 2009, the Art Institute made a little change. Yves Behar was asked to design the 2009 wreaths, and, while the result was a break with tradition, the red and yellow leafy wreaths were still in keeping with the spirit of the ceremony.


Thanks to the success of last year’s design, the Art Institute have commissioned this winter’s wreath from the Chicago-based artistic team of Stephanie and Bruce Tharp. To create their wreath, the Tharps had area school children write down their wishes for 2011. Then, they put those wishes inside 2,011 orbs of varying shades of red, which would eventually be assembled into a wreath that combined “the traditional American cranberry wreath with the idea of a wishing tree.” The result looks pretty nice.

The wishes included in the wreath range from the thoughtful…

  • “Love. For everyone to love more than they hate.”
  • “A cure for cancer.”
  • “To stop global warming! I love penguins!”

…to those that tackle life’s most-pressing issues…

  • “I wish there was an 8th Harry Potter.”
  • “I hope we make flying cats.”
  • “For to have lots of lolly pops.”

What is your wish for 2011?

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