Body Image


In a bright little gallery (the Firehouse Gallery) in one of my favorite little towns (Burlington, VT), lies an exhibit called Homunculus. The artist, Steven Budington, is a professor at the University of Vermont, and his works were explorations of the deconstructed human form. Or as the Firehouse Gallery’s website explains:

“In Steve Budington’s Homunculus, human bodies unravel, fly apart, and merge with prosthetic technology. Budington’s new body of work takes as its point of departure the neuroscientific concept of the “cortical homunculus”: a remapped image of the human form that scales body parts in relation to the degree of sensory input present in each area.”

Budington’s work showed some real talent: like his bold colors and great use of texture. Nevertheless, some items in the show seemed like they went instantly to the lowest common denominator of provocation. Not sure what I mean? Well, be careful not to step on the pile of sperm in the back room.

On the whole – sperm pile or no – I liked the show and Budington’s work. I’ll definitely be back to the Firehouse Gallery next time I swing through Burlington.

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