Graceland or Bust


Just the other weekend, my aunts were discussing a possible trip to Graceland. There are a million and ten places I would like to visit across this wide world we live in, but the home of Elvis is just not on the list. However, the fact that a visit to this mecca is not one of my To Dos apparently puts me in the minority.

What draws hundreds of thousands of people to places like Graceland every year? That complicated question is exactly the topic the Loyola University Museum of Art plans to tackle this Tuesday at their event: “Elvis (and George Washington) Lived Here.” DePaul University history professor, Amy Tyson, will explore the lure of cultural sites (i.e. Graceland) and patriotic shrines (like Mount Vernon) while delving into the history of pilgrimages to such destinations. This event should not only be an interesting discussion, but might also serve as inspiration for your next vacation.

For those of you unable to make it to Chicago tomorrow night, what famous house museum/cultural mecca is your favorite to visit? Or, which one is on your To Do List?

LUMA // Tuesday, October 26 // 6:00pm // Free for Members; $4 for everyone else

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