The Digital Museum


There is something to be said for uncomplicated directions.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

1) Open Photoshop;

2) Take a famous (or otherwise) piece of art;

3) Make it AWESOME!

The call to Make Art More Awesome has been raised here. Many a brave soul has taken up the challenge, and while not all have succeeded, more than a fair few have actually triumphed in their quest.

There are more than a few American Gothic, Mona Lisa, and Last Supper remixes, and quite a few people think phallic symbols are just the thing to spruce up the Old Masters, but there are some truly inventive and entertaining ones as well.

For example, check out this modern take on a Boticelli classic…


Here’s one way to celebrate your last meal…


There’s this revisionist history gem…


Now you can paint like Rothko too…


You know who can make art most awesome? Chuck Norris…


These are just a few taken from the over 38 pages of humorous, strange, and intriguing art mash-ups submitted in the Make Art More Awesome Challenge, which means that you are bound to find at least one that tickles your fancy. But even more important than the entertainment value of this adventure, I think it is fascinating to see how multiple people can look at one work of art and envision so many different stories. It’s a testament to the importance and power of art in fostering creativity.

Oh, it also goes to show that even the Old Masters have room for improvement.

What famous work of art would you attempt to make more awesome?