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Gift Guide Continued

This edition of the Gift Guide will be a bit all over the place, but a little variety never hurt anyone. So, here goes…


More Things Like This by the editors of McSweeney’s. Found thanks to the excellent and available through Chronicle Books, this visual and literary mishmash proves to be the perfect recipe of one part high-brow, a little low-brow, a dash of humor, and whole lot of interesting.


Field Notes from Coudal Partners. These handy-dandy notebooks – or, in the words of Coudal, “An honest memo book worth fillin’ up with good information” – are an excellent and inexpensive gift for a budding-archaeologist, angsty teenage poet, people that need-lined-paper-to-avoid-writing-in-a-slant, doodlers, the chronically forgetful, notebook-lovers, and so many more.


Like Field Notes? The you might like these Moleskin Museum Sketchbooks too. Come in 6 different colors. Moleskine Museum Sketchbook – 6 pack: Assorted Colors (1 of each color) 6 total

Things for both guys and girls at For a vintage-loving ladyfriend, how about a one-of-a-kind bag from Lisa Tilly. Still not sure what to get your boyfriend? They have a helpful Gifts for the Boyfriend feature to help you out.


The Handbook of Practical Spying from the International Spy Museum. This gift would be a great gift for someone interested in spies and espionage. However, do you know someone who is nosy that could use some help being more discreet? This book may help deliver the hint. International Spy Museum’s Handbook of Practical Spying


Fifty Dresses That Changed the World from the Design Museum. Anyone interested in fashion or design will find something to like about this compilation, even if it is only debating which dresses should have made the cut. Fifty Dresses That Changed the World


Trying to get your wife or girlfriend more interested in tools? Try this William Morris-inspired tool set from the Victoria and Albert Museum. Pretty and functional, the perfect gift.

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